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Insurgency Is A Stumbling Block For Tourism In Nigeria, By Grace Chinaza Ekeh

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Nigeria is a fascinating country and the memorable country someone can visit. It is has been described as an amazing, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, coming to stay in Nigeria.

Nigeria is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. It’s a great country with lots to offer. Ranging from wonderful wildlife, magnificent mountains, large forests and beautiful cities.

Nigeria offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as extended and roomy river and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature ranging from tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls, some new rapidly growing cities and climatic conditions in some parts of the country.

The importance of tourism to Nigeria cannot be overlooked. Tourism boosts the revenue of the economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructures of Nigeria, and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and Nigerian citizens. The number of jobs created by tourism in many different areas is significant. Tourism can help to diversify the Nigerian economy and provide a positive image of the country in the international arena.

Also, the most important economic feature of activities related to the tourism sector is that they contribute to three high-priority goals of developing countries. The generation of income, employment, and foreign-exchange earnings.

According to the World Bank, In 2017, Tourism in Nigeria generated approximately 6% of the annual internally generated revenue in Nigeria. Tourism in Nigeria is one of the major drivers of inter-cultural relations. Over the years, tourism has influenced the influx of people visiting the country.

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But, Insurgency has consistently remained the bane of economic growth and development of a tourist destination. Nigeria is currently a very dangerous destination for potential tourists. Governments in several countries have even issued warnings against traveling to Nigeria, for reasons such as terrorism, kidnappings and other types of violent crime.

Until the Nigerian government is able to provide solutions to the insurgency that has been with the country, the failure of tourism in Nigeria is at the verge of getting to it’s peak. Active measures, should be put in place to tackle the insurgence, so that the rich advantages that comes with tourism will continue to thrive in Nigeria.

Grace Chinaza Ekeh writes from Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria

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