Liberian Youths Ask Govt. To Establish War Crimes Court To Prosecute Warlords

By Raine Golegio

Representatives of Several Youth Groups in Monrovia and its environs have amplified calls to the government of Liberia for the establishment of War Crimes Court in seeking justice for war victims in the country.

Speaking to Reality Online in Monrovia, the group of youth leaders asserted that they foresee a dark cloud over Liberia in the upcoming days, if government refuses to endorse the establishment of the war crimes court to prosecute warlords who have committed atrocities during the Liberian civil war and living with impunity.

They added that the abolishment of the sounds of guns does not indicate full existence of peace in the country, and government must institute measure to bring to justice actors in the bloody Liberian civil crisis.

The group of youth leaders spoke at the conclusion of a one day Youth Civil Engagement Session organized by the Civil Peace Service Project, a non governmental organization  under the YMCA Liberia on Thursday in Monrovia.

For her part, the Project Coordinator of Civil Peace Service Project, Decontee George lauded the group of young people for their involvement in the project and encouraged them to serve as peace ambassadors in their various environments.

She further revealed that the organization of such initiative is to enlighten the minds of young people on the negative impact of the civil war in order to save the upcoming generation from similar circumstances

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