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Let FG  wage total “Operation No Mercy” on the criminals

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By Abba Dukawa

Our country faces a plethora of security challenges ranging from violent kidnapping and a revived secessionist attacks. This act of insecurity  could lead us to unknown directions  if current situation witnessed in almost every part of the country is not curtailed.

  These  problems have affected every soul in the country and no one is sure of what tomorrow will bring and now  becomes more difficult for the people  to embark on personal or business trips.

Looking at the gory security situation in Northwest, Northeast, Northcentral, Southeast, Southwest and South South, one may find it difficult to come to term with the constitutional and primary responsibility of the government with the prevailing situation in the country under the watch of the president and state governors where scores of people are being killed on a daily basis and hundreds others abandoned their homes.

Almost six years the insecurity situation has not improved, but rather escalated and extended to other regions.

Today, almost all the states in the  geopolitical zones of  the country have turned like  into war zones with bandits, kidnappers and terrorists killing, and raping innocent unarmed civilians unchallenged.  Let FG  wage total “Operation No Mercy” on criminals before this problem consumes all of us.

Let  appeal to leaders to take the bull by the horn. They should act to stem the tide of this violence threatening the country’s unity and  tearing it apart. Enough is Enough, Nigerians need to see actions that await these criminals for their atrocities,

To be fair, in an attempt to stop these attacks governors offered the criminal groups amnesties and other incentives to end violent attacks.  So far, these agreements have failed for a number of reasons: First, these criminal groups lack central command and a common goal, so it has been difficult to bring them all to a common negotiation.

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Moreover, agreements made with one group are not binding on others. Second, the dialogues excluded the local communities that bear the brunt of violence and expect the state to deliver forms of compensation, justice, and protection as a condition for durable peace.

Some have even agreed to release all arrested persons from such groups in exchange for hostages. So far, these agreements have failed for a number of reasons.

Let the government and security agencies wage full operations no mercy on Kidnappers, secessionists and other criminals that are threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria because people are tired of excuses and verbal threats which criminals laugh at, considering the escalation of attacks by these criminal leave the only conclusion that the people of the country are now completely at the mercy of armed gangs who roam towns and villages at will, wrecking havoc.

 It would appear that both the federal and state governments have lost control over protecting people despite the constitutional duty that they swore to uphold.

 Let FG wage total operations no mercy on the these criminals and insurgents that  will  exploit similar disastrous consequences on them.

What transpired between 2015 and now? President Buhari promised to ensure effective and adequate security of lives and property.

 PMB’s status as a retired General, a position he was not picked from ground and also a war veteran and GOC people thought he had positioned himself to deal with these challenges.

Its apt to qoute him @MBuhari,  in 2015, said it was a big disgrace for the previous administration to deal with insurgents for five years to the extent of seeking help from neighbouring countries. Now, in his six years in office, not only  BH exists, but others dangerous criminals operate with impunity.  In spite of his  experience of being former GOC and war veteran   is enough for him to tackle  high rate of crimes. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened and It is complete treachery of the role the state should play to its people.

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Let the administration change people’s perception that it appears helpless in finding solutions to insecurity. Going to the market, shops and stalls one will hear and see the pains people go through.

Let  government and its security agencies  march action against  comatose rhetoric of zero effectual action. We don’t have a country than Nigeria and it’s a duty bound on the leaders to go to any length to protect the country from disintegration because  security situation in Nigeria is deteriorating.

Therefore all hands must be on desk and particularly the both federal and State governments  must respond  decisively to put an end to this cyclical show of shame.  Let the authority administer them same bitter pills of no mercy on  as they have unlashed heartless and senseless mayhems on defenceless people.

Let FG  wage total operations no mercy  on the criminal before this problem consumes all of us.  Let  the   leaders  take the bull by the horn. They should act to stem the tide of this violence threatening the country’s unity and  tear apart  the country. Enough is Enough  Nigerians need to see actions that await these criminal for their atrocities.

May I most respectfully tell excellencies  that these are unusual times that require unusual approaches.  It is only a fool who applies the same approaches repeatedly over the same issue with the hope of getting a different result.

Dukawa wrote in from Kano can be reached

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