Gov. Lalong Peace Building In Plateau Exemplary – Stakeholders

Governor SimonĀ  Lalong has been commended for his peace efforts that have restored confidence and mitigated human disasters associated with violence and conflicts in Plateau State.

Speakers at a the launch of a book on Disaster and Conflict in Abuja described the Governor as a peacemaker who has become a shining example for de-escalating violence and creating sustainable platform for mutual understanding and dialogue.

The Book facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs and Special Duties examined the challenges of disasters that are generated from conflicts in Nigeria and how to mitigate them.

Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs and Special Duties Sen. George Akume said Nigerians need to continue to foster peaceful coexistence as a way of preventing disasters that end up hurting development. He said Governor Lalong has proven to be one of the examples of leaders who can be relied upon to galvanise people to do the right thing by embracing one another.

Former Deputy Senate President Nasiru Mantu also said the search for peace in Nigeria cannot succeed without people respecting one another and realising that God is the creator of all while differences in tribe, religion, geography and even orientations are matters that cannot be blamed on humanity as people never chose where to be born or the families to be born in.

He said this is why people must be able to accept one another as human beings and stop fighting. He said Governor Lalong has been able to achieve this by enabling people of various backgrounds to have a sense of belonging which has doused tensions and made peace possible in Plateau State.

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Governor Lalong who praised the author of the book for conducting the research said peace remains his cardinal objective and as such, he will not relent in making sure that people work together to engender good relations.

He urged all Nigerians to support peaceful coexistence as conflicts do not only cause disasters, but leave a huge burden on development.

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