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Why Gov Al-makura Should Contest For Nasarawa South Senatorial Seat

Gov. Al-makura
Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura of Nasarawa sate, northwest Nigeria


By Ali Abare

Leadership from time immemorial has been a complex issue to define. Experts in the field of leadership studies propagate various concepts from the traditional definition of leadership to new genre leadership theories among others to try to comprehend why certain individuals are able to influence their followers, individuals, communities, etc towards achieving mutually beneficial goals.


Bruce J. Avolio in 2009 defined leadership as a process whereby an individual influence a group or individuals to achieve a common goal.


Ciulla (2004) equals good leadership with ethical leadership, meaning a leader must demonstrate both moral and technical effectiveness by showing care, humility and support. Lastly, Brown and Trevino (2006) defined ethical leadership as the demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and interpersonal relationships and the promotion of such conduct to followers through two-way communication, reinforcement and decision-making.


Now going through all these and similar definitions of leadership, it doesn’t take too much thinking and rationalizing to sufficiently locate the personality of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, whose leadership skills continue to manifest just as his influence waxes stronger as both leaders and followers become ever determined to move Nasarawa State to the next level.


Any citizen of Nasarawa State can testify to the appalling condition both the state and people found themselves following decades of not so effective leadership. Granted, previous administrations have all given their best towards developing the state. Still, corruption, impunity, gross financial mismanagement, dereliction of duty among many other negative tendencies prevailed denying the state of needed expansion and development.


With the advent of the Al-makura administration in 2011, through effective personal examples, dogged commitments to the ethics of good governance, he was able to turn around the predominant thinking associated with public trust, from that of flagrant abuse to that of accountability.


From 2011 to date, even the most vitriolic critic of the Al-makura administration must give him credit for initiating policies and projects that elevated both state and people to the present enviable status of a Modern Nasarawa State.



And as defined by Tom Peters, the greatest leaders are those who don’t look for followers but create more leaders in order to help many others find and create their own destiny.  This aspect of leadership can be readily testified in the number of dedicated young men and women who have been saddled with various responsibilities under the Al-makura administration, from the TMC chairmen to more and recent appointments into boards and parastals.  Barrister Ayuba Wandai among others comes as an example of young men creating their own niches as a result of the trust and confidence reposed on them by Governor Al-makura.  Most recently, Ahmed Yakubu Mohammed as well as Henry Omaku were appointed as chairmen of the state’s Board of Internal Revenue Services and Independent Electoral Commission respectively. This is indeed a feat only achievable under a leader out to create more leaders. Even among the state executive council, Al-makura ensured that younger men are given responsibilities so they can grow to become leaders.


Most importantly however is Al-makura’s ability to translate vision into reality, a cardinal characteristic of a leader as defined by John C.  Maxwell. Certainly, Al-makura as a leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Without this obvious leadership trait, it remains doubtful if Al-makura would have been able to record such level of success as can be seen across every sphere of development in Nasarawa State.


For these reasons and more and as the 2019 general election approaches, especially as Governor Al-makura is nearing the completion of his second and last tenure, it becomes imperative that he be made to understand why he must join in the race for the Nasarawa South senatorial district seat.


A seat at the hallowed chambers of the Senate would ensure that the Nasarawa South senatorial district would not be short-changed as Al-makura coming with his years of experience, tested and proven leadership skills, would provide effective and result-oriented representation.


Time is therefore ripe for the people of the zone to come together and to shun decisive tendencies capable of denying it this much desired representation. Al-makura has done it for the entire state, it’s time now for him to be encouraged to concentrate more on giving selfless service to his immediate constituency even though he remains a father to the state.


Since there is progression in politics as obtained in more developed democracies like the USA, leaving the post of governor to become senator is a natural growth path and the people of Nasarawa South stand to benefit tremendously from Al-makura’s proven track record of service.


This piece doesn’t want to join issues with vested interest. However, it suffice to say that the incumbent senator has done his best for his constituency and it’s now time to move on to another thing.


Mr. Abare wrote in from Keffi, Nasarawa State, northcentral Nigeria


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