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Nigerians speak on their experiences with worn out money

By Winifred Bulus

Nigerians have expressed dismay on the way and manner the country’s currency is being handled.

The currency is mostly torn and worn out, a situation if not checked could give a bad picture of the country’s currency.

It is observed by Africa Prime News that most Nigerians are in the habit of rejecting such money. Despite the rejection of old torn or worn out money, it is in circulation and finds its way in people’s hands.

Speaking on the issue, a commercial bus conductor in Kaduna, Nigeria, said, “I accept old torn money so long as it is still intact.”

Another commercial bus conductor observed that he rejects torn money given to him by any passenger because he finds it difficult to spend it. “The problem in the country is that people are in the habit of misusing the curreny with many people making it dirty beside tiring it,” he lamented.

Tinock Garba, a Nigerian also expressed her experience with worn out money, saying, “I give old torn money to my father to use while buying petrol at the filling stations. I also give some to bankers to change the worn out money for me for new note.

“It is also hard to spend that kind of money in the market because traders always refused taking it. I always end up with worn out money because I don’t always check change given to me by motor cyclists. Ironically, It is the same motorcyclists who don’t accept old money from me.”

Amina Abdulkareem, a fashion designer from Abuja, Nigeria shares her experience saying, “I don’t collect  old money from people as change or any other transaction because of the way it is being used. At the bank where one suppose to get good currency, the story is the samething and you find it very difficult to spend.”

To Teddy Moore, a professional photographer in Lagos, “All torn or worn out money should be returned to the bank and replaced with new notes. That is what I do. It also depends on how bad the money is, there are times I accept worn out money, but there are also cases when the money is unacceptable.”

Others who expressed their opinion on the condition of the country’s currency noted that there was the need for the government of the day to ensute strict compliance on proper use of its money with respect.

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