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Nigerian Activist Takes Breast Cancer Campaign To IDPs, Rural Communities

img_3703A concerned Nigerian, Ramatu Tijjani has taken breast cancer sensitisation campaign to children in internally displaced person IDPs camp, enlightening them on early sign, symptoms and danger of breast Cancer.

Ramatu said there was need to educate all children in Nigeria, hence the need for visiting ghettos and IDPs camps to create awareness among female children, adding that they are also coming up with additional plans and strategies to take the campaign to villages, to meet rural women farmers.

Theme of the campaign is “Catch them young before they grow”and the campaign started in November and will come to a close 20th of December.

Ramatu said majority of breast cancer Campaign was targeted at matured women who live in cities, ignoring rural women, adding that she decided to change the pattern of the campaign by taking it to remote areas and meeting with IDPs.

She called on Nigerian government to ban the sell of second hand braziers and clothing to save lives of thousands of women from getting all forms of infections.

Director, School of Health Science (Women hood School of Health), Maryam Abubakar said women must stop keeping their food inside fridge for long period of time to avoid cancer, pointing out that many women got infected through that.

The school director said time has come for Nigerians to unite, ”we must show total commitment and devotion to the fight against breast cancer among African women to reduce increasing number of death of ladies as a result of cancer.

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