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14 Year Old Nigerian Secondary Student Floats A Fiction

By Iliya Kure
imageA 14 year old Nigerian, Chizoba Ekene, has written a fiction, focusing on how life treats people unfairly – the book is currently with the publisher.

Commenting on her book, Ekene says, “The Book is all about how life treats us as human, life is not fair to man but not withstanding. Man should not give up on his dreams and aspirations no matter what.

“The book is about a family that was very rich with four Children. They had everything going well. Things fell apart, the father died and everything went away but still they never gave up on their dreams and at the end God was with them and they rose up again,” she says.

The lesson there, according to her, “No matter how life treats you, don’t give up on your dreams.”

Titled LIFE, the book has been reviewed in Nigeria, United States and United Kingdom.

Director of the school she attends, Femi Mega, told AFRICA PRIME NEWS “Am proud of her, I believe this would encourage her to pursue her future ambitions and also this would encourage other young ones to be focused, and also divert them from things that would not speak well of them.

“Chizoba Ekene is a shy girl but has proven to the world that she knows what she wants and she is ready to go for it.

“The encouragements gotten from this book has made her prepared and more focused on the future, her enthusiasm towards education has increased and I believe if the younger generations are supported and encouraged like this, the education system would improve”

In a video review, Andy Dacosta, describes the book as awesome, encouraging the author to write more books.

Ekene, who comes from Abia, southeast Nigeria, is a semi-final year secondary school student of Kayode Memorial Schools, Ojo, Lagos, south west Nigeria, and is a member of The Young Scholars Club.

The writer, whose hobbies include writing and singing, has Professor Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda adichie, as her role models.

She hopes to study Mass Communication and become a journalist and a writer in the future.

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