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Despites Ban Of Activities In Some States, Shi’ites Insist On Arbaeen Trek Tuesday

By Longtong Ibrahim

arabaeen-trekKaduna (Nigeria) — The Islamic Movement in Nigeria also known as Shiite on Monday insisted that in spite of the incident that happened in Kano and the banned on their activities, it would go ahead to mark the annual Arbaeen trek in fulfillment of its religious activities across the country on Tuesday.

Coordinator of the Trek, Sheikh Nasir Mansur, ‎ stated this during a media briefing to kick-off this year’s annual Arbaeen symbolic trek for the North-west Zone in Kaduna.

He said the Arbaeen trek is a religious duty incumbent on all supporters of the holy household of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as a sign of solidarity.

According to him, “It is a response to a clarion call made by Imam. Hussain (AS), the grandson of the Prophet (S) on the plains of Karbala some 1400 years ago. Credible narrations from the Prophets (S) enjoin the faithful to respond to it even if it were to be by crawling.”

He however decried that, “already, there are reports that indicated that soldiers have mounted check points on the outskirts of Potiskum, Yobe State and detained a trailer carrying the personal belongings of those going to Kano for the walk kick-off.

“Apparently, these soldiers have some sinister motives as they were overheard scheming to plant weapons in the luggage and thereafter claim that these bags with the weapons belong to members of the IMN.

“Throughout the nearly four decades of the existence of IMN, it has never stockpiled‎, carried or used weapons. It never had any cause to even in the face of provocation,” the trek coordinator noted.

However, the group also demanded the immediate and unconditional release of its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, his wife and other members of the movement, saying their detention contravenes some provisions in the Nigerian constitution.

It would be recalled that government of Kaduna, Kano and Katsina banned the activities of IMN in their states.

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