Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
Dr. John Danfulani


Mr. Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i

The Governor Of Kaduna State

Sir Kashim Ibrahim House


Dear Governor,


  1. Deadly assaults by “unknown known” gunmen in villages of Southern Kaduna is on the rise. The frequency of these attacks has skyrocketed to its 2013/2014 height. These lethal assaults by evil forces have killed many people, wounded scores of others, and burnt down farmlands and homes of the people of Southern Kaduna.
  1. The reaction of your government is not different from that of the previous governments. It has never gone beyond issuing press statements condemning the dastardly acts and unfulfilled pledge to fish out the perpetrators of the evil and table them before the temple of justice. Sad enough, there are instances where the ritual of undertaking to act was not even observed.
  1.  While chatting on Sunrise Daily on Channels Television on 6th April 2016 you piqued “killings in Southern Kaduna have more or less stopped”. On 9th April 2016, Sen. Danjuma Tellah Laah faulted your assertion by enumerating killings and arsons happening in Southern Kaduna. Why laying claims of securing the people of Southern Kaduna while they are being cowardly and inhumanly killed in their sleep?
  1. Sometimes in 2015, you constituted a committee under Gen. Martin Luther Agwai to investigate sources of insecurity in Southern Kaduna and proffer means of nip budding them. You have since received their report and applauded their effort. Are their suggestions not helping in ameliorating this systematic genocide by internal and external terrorists or what? We are interested in knowing the missing links or why the dots aren’t connecting.
  1. Immediately after mounting the saddle, you partnered with governments of neighbouring Niger, Zamfara and the rest and fashioned a strategy that stopped cattle rustlers in your state’s common borders with them. You supported the military or joint task force operation morally and financially. Why not do same with states bordering Local Governments Areas in the Southern part of your state and end the killings in Southern Kaduna?
  1. Sir, it is clear your government is woefully failing in the traditional duty bestowed on government world over. And it’s a known fact that, any government that failed in discharging this duty is not worth existing for a second. Therefore it’s high time you find a lasting solution to this menace because on 11th April 2015 people gave you a mandate to govern them and protect them; Nothing more, nothing less. And it’s a must do task on your part. You must concentrate your attention on this vital task. And avoid wasting time and resources on trivial issues like; staff verification, demolition of Gbagyi Villa, and acquiring of majority shares in Peugeot automobile etc.
  1. Thank you.


Dr. John Danfulani

Chairman, Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy( CEDRA)

3rd August, 2016.

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