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Gender Equality: Group Launches Platform To Promote Gender Equality

By Longtong Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – Voices for change (V4C), a non-governmental organization, has launched a social media platform ‘Purple Academy’ – a platform for young people aimed at creating a 50-50 world where women and men are given equal opportunities, as well as chances to achieve their full potentials in the society.

The platform gives beneficiaries the opportunity to learn about gender, power relations, leadership, effective communication, sexuality and healthy relationships.

Some participants at the Purple Academy Launch in Kaduna

V4C Key Influencers Lead, Denis Onoize, said during the Academy’s launch in Kaduna that the platform was necessitated because men are no longer the only bread winners of families, as such; there is the need for men to understand this concept, support their wives and women around them for a healthy relationship/family.

According to him, “It is not as if we are trying to make women to become men or equal with men but we are looking at equal opportunities more than anything else.”

Onoize further explained that, “We are here to lunch the purple academy. It’s an online platform and what we do is to bring both men and women together from higher institution and do what is called physical safe spacing, train them on how they can see issues differently by promoting positive masculinity and supporting the young women in their lives realize their dreams.

“We also realize that the world is going technological and fast becoming a global village because of the instrument of mass communication while the social media platform is becoming an interesting platform where people can also learn. We realized that and we want to utilize it because even at the comfort of your home, many can access these key learning available on the site for free at anytime.

“There are different topics that could help everyone realize their full potentials and build their self esteem. So within 10-15 minutes of accessing it, you will discover that you are learning something that will help you for the rest of your life,” he noted.

Onioze also pointed out that the academy also provides a new learning experience that helps one to self -reflect and experience a transformation that produces a new individual towards a 50/50 World.

Brand ambassador for purple, Miss Ajibike Maryam Olaitan, a student of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), said having gone through the Academy, ‘purple safe space’, she was able to develop and build her confidence as a woman, which prompted her to vie for the position of the public relations officer of her department and won.

She said, “Initially, I used to be this kind of person that never had confidence in myself; I couldn’t stand in front of people to address them but after my enrolment into the academy, I could talk to people and even lead.”

Highlight of Purple launch in Kaduna includes; endorsement of the academy by the Kaduna state Commissioner for women and Youths development; Deans of student affairs, Kaduna state university and Kaduna Polytechnic; presentations of drama, music and poems; dance competition, as well as motivational talks among others. The Academy was also launched in Enugu, Kano, and Lagos.

The Purple campaign is about equal participation, contribution, respect and opportunities for both genders. It is also referred to as 50/50, a campaign that wants to create a world where every opinion, relationship, aspiration or dream is valid – and shouldn’t matter if you are a male or female.

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