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Dr. John Danfulani

By John Danfulani, Ph.D

Dr. John Danfulani
Dr. John Danfulani

Am not on record to be the first person that wedded these two words together, therefore don’t contemplate initiating a plagiarism case against me. The former CNN anchor, Mr. Piers Morgan owns invented the phrase through his book “SHOOTING STRAIGHT”. So, give it to him, not me. I only lifted the heading (without his official permission) to make a critical and serious case against PMB and his moral, social, strategic and economic lame ducks. PMB and his ramshackle team have placed everything they met on 29th May 2015 on reverse gear.

Because of PMB’s consistent inconsistencies in economic policies and complete cluelessness in economic matters, Africa’s largest and one of the world’s fastest growing economy turned to a basket case. Local and international investors are counting their losses, a lucky few that survived PMB’s economic assassination are picking their pieces and disappearing from our shore with speed of light. Stocks collapsed and still dovetailing like a descending arrow. Banks are folding their branches and sending their workers home in their thousands. According to the latest Bloomberg report, the Naira is the world’s worst performing currency. The Naira is struggling to match the record of Zimbabwean Dollar that tumbled over thousand percent some years back.

At the social front, bridges of unity between and amongst Nigerians that previous governments constructed through running an inclusive government have been bombed down by his exclusive, nepotic and irredentist policies. Policies that were fashioned in tandem with the spirit of federal character were sacrificed on the altar of selfishness and parochialism. There is no time that Nigeria is more divided like now, the division witnessed from January 1966 to 1970 appeared a child’s play to what we are witnessing today.

Before mounting the saddle on 29ty May 2016, Boko Haram was the main security source threat facing Nigeria. But today, through acts of commission or omission, action or inaction; new threats like Niger Delta Avengers(NDA), Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism (FHT) and kidnappings emerged. NDA is constituting economic insecurity, while FHT and kidnappings are posing physical insecurity to Nigerians and foreign nationals living in Nigeria. The so-called progress on war against Boko Haramist PMB and APC apologists are citing as signs of a success story has been messed-up by other new threats that their carelessness and ineptitude masterminded!

Clearly, Nigerian’s electoral decision of 28th March 2015 was “bastardly” wrong. This decision handed the onerous task of running the ship of the nation to a reckless captain without any bearing. He is clueless, directionless, myopic, saddistic and despotic. A day under PMB’s leadership is like a year in hell fire. PMB’s tenure is a perfect replay of biblical apocalypse.

Despite pushing us into this unfortunate situation, he piqued, we should seal lips and sing his praises. Hell No. We will rather pull the trigger of criticism and open defiance to his ineffective and unscrupulous policies. Nobody will mute because of fear of arrest and crude persecution. His dogs of victimization and intimidation like EFCC, ICPC and DSS shall not come our way, because we were not at DASUKI’S YAM FESTIVAL”. His gestapo can’t knock at our doors with invitation to their stations because we know our rights. PMB and his cohort must accept the fact that, we shall keep shooting straight.

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