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Tanzania: 30 Convicted to Death For Killing Albinos, Elderly


Tanzania’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe , has said on Monday that at least 30 people have been sentenced to death after they were found guilty of murdering elders and people with albinism.

Dr Mwakyembe was speaking to Shinyanga residents during his official visit in the region. He said the government is doing everything in its power to investigate and arrest all culprits and that no stone will be left unturned.

According to Dr Mwakyembe, the court will also continue to provide exorbitant punishment to whoever found guilty of violating the law of the land including killing innocent people.

“For many years Tanzania has been known as an island of peace, but in recent years, some few people have tarnished the country’s good image, the government will not accept this and stern measures will be taken against them,” he said.

He said so far the government has managed to stop the killings and that all culprits will be arrested and charged according to the law. DR Mwakyembe asked the courts in the country to expedite albino and elders murder related cases so that justice could be done.

Moreover, Dr Mwakyembe said the government is looking forward to commence the construction of primary courts in every ward in the country so as to decrease the current congestion in the few available courts.

Shinyanga regional commissioner, Ms Zainabu Telack said her region is facing various challenges including shortage of magistrates, old buildings and congestion of prisoners in Shinyanga and Kahama prisons.

Source: Daily news

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