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Power Supply: PMB, Fashola And The Unkept Promises

By John Danfulani, Ph.D

imageAm yet to understand why the APC government of PMB has not declared a state of emergency on power supply in Nigeria.Negative consequences of lack of adequate power supply on the economy and at the personal level are unquantifiable.In his speech of 29th May 2015, PMB lamented the state of power production and supply in the country. And declared that it’s a national shame. Mr. President promised to identify the quickest, cheapest and safest means of tackling the problem.

Records shows, as at 29th May 2015, our generating capacity was 4,000MW. Juxtaposing that with our huge population of 180m people,there is no doubt that 4000MW we were generating can’t measure up with our demand. Ironically, between 1999-2007 over 16b USD was invested in power.This figure is being disputed in some quarters because of differences that emanated from many public hearings that started from the 6th National Assembly down the line.

As I write, today, PMB’s regime has not been able to add one single MW of power after one year in office. The regime has not been able to maintain the production level of 4000MW PMB inherited. Another meaning of this is, PMB has not invested a dime on power since assuming of office in 2015. By this, there is nothing to doubt that, his pledged of working out safest,quickest and cheapest means of improving power supply on 29th May 2015 was a mere statement to just spice up his inaugural speech.

Lamenting the deteriorating power supply in Nigeria Sen. Shehu Sani said we have graduated from the “darkness of a tunnel to that of a cave, and from that of epileptic supply to paralysis”. In my opinion,the situation is even graver than painted by the Comrade Member of the Red Chamber. I see our unfortunate situation as a graduation from mere darkness to the darkness of the grave or that of hell fire.

Apart from gross incompetency of PMB and his minister of power, the goddess of nemesis is on rampage. While in opposition, the present minister of power accused the former regime of unseriousness and ineptitude regarding epileptic and erratic power supply in Nigeria. And promised to sink the problem in just six months, if they have an opportunity to lead this country. Today, Babatunde Raji Fashola(SAN) is not only in government but minister in-charge of power. Has the former Governor of Lagos State walked his talk within the six months that he said? From what we saw and still seeing ,can Fashola walk his talks even in two decades? The only achievement recorded by Fashola was an increment in tariff of a power per megawatt. Is that in tandem with their populist tantrums?

All we are saying is, we want to see the change they promised us. We don’t want this “progress of a well digger” (ci gaban mai haka rijiya) we are seeing in Nigeria now. Period.

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