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Dr. John Danfulani

By John Danfulani,Ph.D

Dr. John Danfulani
Dr. John Danfulani

Some months ago,through his many public information units, PMB promised to publish names of men and women that primitively stole from our common treasury. Their notices assured Nigerians that on 29th May 2016 (Nigeria Democracy Day) Mr. President’s speech will have an attachment of names and figures corrupt Nigerians stole. Nigerians anxiously waited for 29th May 2016 to know kleptocrats that denied this country progress and development.

On 29th May 2016, PMB made a speech, but the names of looters and what they looted from us were not captured in his speech. An addition to his array of let downs. However, he told Nigerians that the ministry of information will release the names and figures on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016. Thursday 2nd came and went without the regime fulfilling its promise to Nigerians- thereby, failing Nigerians on the same issue twice.

After heavy pressure from Nigerians, on Friday 3rd June 2016 they packaged what they called interim report and released it to Nigerians. Once more, they failed Nigerians because it wasn’t an interim report they promised but full report with names of persons and amount they looted.The compressed version made public is raised more questions than answers. And have once again demonstrated that PMB’s government is not a promise keeper.

As discerning minds and serious Nigerians are lamenting PMB’s multiple failures,APC apparatchik and propaganda Chiefs are jubilating as if the promise made, was fulfilled. When a government speaks to impress, grandstand to attract applauses, pontificate to look clean; it ends with blatant failures.

This foot-dragging is a signal of something messy they don’t want Nigerians to know. The hunter must have been the hunted. The Hausa man would say “DARA TA CI GIDA”…a kind of an on goal. Can somebody help tell PMB to name and shame?

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