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Why Nigerians Should Support Removal Of Petroleum Subsidy — Rights Group

By Mohammad Ibrahim

NNPC-TowerKaduna (Nigeria) – A group, under the auspice of Right Without Violence has asked Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s removal of Petroleum subsidy in Nigeria.

According to the group, it’s the first time Nigerians have a government that they have voted into power, not by elitist rigging and so, they must support its decisions.

This was contained in a statement signed by Pioneer Coordinator of the group, Barrister Suleiman Garun Ali made available to newsmen in Kaduna, northwest Nigeria.

He said Nigerians have a government whose body language, budget implications and policies seems to be tilted towards the interest the common man.

“President BUHARI, have in spite of everything, being proved to be a man of integrity. Therefore, our stands here is based on all the above that some of us have taken the careful position and urge all who will listen that It will be better to support the government.

“For the meantime to see how far the change efforts would come to fruition. We have come a long way and made so much sacrifices that it will be unwise to loose faith prematurely.

“It will be better to rid our system of opportunistic sources of corrupt enrichment by some oil marketers who take subsidy on the one hand and nevertheless sale the fuel surreptitiously through the black marketers at exorbitant price.

“We earnestly draw the attention of this government to open its eyes to the harsh reality that Nigerians are seriously suffering and the public support and confidence is clearly eroding.

“This call for urgent palliative intervention and quick implementation of the bugdets and policies expected to bring succour,” he said.

He explained that four years ago when the government of GoodLuck Jonathan embarked on subsidy removal, he along with some colleagues risked their lives, by leading the youth on peaceful demonstration, through what they tagged Occupy Kano, at popular Kano Line junction (Eagle Square), inspite of intimidation by armed mobile Police and Military then bent on suppressing their Fundamental Human Rights.

“We remain grateful to fearless Kano populace who turned up in thousands, courageous and alert journalists who gave us adequate coverage and above all the Almighty Allah who answered our, then incessant, alqunut prayers at the TAHRIR SQUARE. At the end we won and the government caved In- for in democracy, the people are always the winners,” he said.

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