Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

No Positive Change In Nigeria Without Youth Involvement — Mukhtar Muhammad

By Mohammad Ibrahim

imageKaduna (Nigeria) — Chairman, Arewa Youth Coalition for Peace, Mukhtar Muhammad has urged federal government to involve youth in actualising its policies, saying there will be no positive change in the country without youth involvement.

According to him, It is high time for government to pay more attention to youth development.

The Youth Leader who made the call in Kaduna, at Nigeria Youth Summit urged the Youth to equally be self dependent.

“The Nigeria Youth is strong enough already. The Federal Government must also make them stronger than before. Nigerian Youths must not allow any government politician to make them political thugs this time around. Our youth must work for positive Change. Positive change is in the hands of Youth.

“No any positive change can be recorded, without having Youth with positive mind, attitude and positive thinking; it is therefore time for all of us to come back and face reality to adjust ourselves at the right direction.

“Youths must stop deceiving themselves by supporting ruined politicians, who have no good ambition, and not ready to help Youths progression rather than bloodsheds everyday and night here in Nigeria.

“We wanted everybody to be educated because if only a few are educated the quality of life in society will remain low.” he said

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