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1. QUESTION: What information must be provided in the formal complaint?
Answer: The Complaint must state name, address, phone number(s), fax, e-mail of the dissatisfied consumer, a statement of the problem and duration, a brief explanation of the circumstance that to the complaint, name of service provider and the number of the telephone that has the problem. The date you contacted the service provider about your complaint, copies of any relevant supporting document such as service agreement, bills, contracts, promotional leaflet etc which would assist in our investigation.

2. QUESTION: What happens when a consumer’s complaint is received by NCC Consumer Affairs Bureau?
Answer: The Consumer Affairs Bureau analyses the complaint and starts investigations immediately. where the Bureau is satisfied that the service provider has breached terms of its contract with the consumer or contravened the provisions of the Nigeria Communications Act 2003 and the consumer Code of Practice regulation etc, the Bureau will contact consumer and report to the NCC on the outcome. The Bureau will mediate as appropriate to resolve the issues.

3. QUESTION: Will NCC’s Consumer Affairs Bureau get back to the consumer who lodged a formal complaint?
Answer: Yes, in the case where investigation is concluded in less than 48 hours, the dissatisfied consumer will be reached by phone or email otherwise he/she will be communicated in writing, on the outcome of the investigation.

4. QUESTION: Do I have to pay for the services of the Consumer Affairs Bureau?
Answer: No, the services of the Consumer Affairs Bureau are rendered FREE OF CHARGE.

5. QUESTION: Can an aggrieved consumer sue the Service Provider in law court over a breach of contract?
Answer: Yes. However, in line with the provision of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003. A dissatisfied consumer should first seek redress with the Service Provider and if unresolved report to the NCC. A court action may be considered a last option.

6. QUESTION: What Avenues for redress are available within NCC?
Answer: The NCC has two distinct redress processes available.
(a) Consumers Complaints Resolution Process
(b) Arbitration Process.

7. What issues can consumers complain to NCC about?
Answer: Consumers can lodge complaints on the following issues amongst others: doubtful bills, arbitrary disconnection of lines, nonchalant attitude towards genuine complaints, poor services delivery, inappropriate or deceptive advertisements, unauthorised increase in price, supply of sub-standard equipment, exploitation and invasion of privacy.

8. Is NCC a government agency?
Answer: Yes, NCC is a full- fledged Federal Government Agency with independent status to effectively regulate the activities of Operator, Suppliers and Consumers in the telecommunication industry.

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