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34 Toilets 3 Classroom: Harvard’s Style Of Managing Education

Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir-el-Rufai

By Dr. John Danfulani

Mr. Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i begged for our four years mandate to return Kaduna to its great days. He hemmed a sexy motto “LETS MAKE KADUNA GREAT AGAIN. A confluence of a roof-hitting propaganda, fate, and mandate fatigue to PDP successfully peddled their political ship to the dock on 11th April 2015.

From 29th May 2015 to day, far reaching actions have been taken to accelerate Kaduna to its former greatness. The streets were mopped up off hawkers, almajiris, and beggars. No gainsaying that great cities can’t be loitered with such and allied nuisances.

Pressing the process further, experts were mobilized from other states to provide super technocratic expertise in running the agenda designed to lift Kaduna to its former greatness. Along with this, reforms were introduced to slim the large bureaucracy through a multiple layered screening processes.

Furthermore, a religious censorship bill was sent to Kaduna State House of Assembly (KSHA) to stop religious leaders from noise pollution and preaching of libration theology. Evangelists aspiring to stage crusades in the state must secure preaching permits – which has a price attached to it. Another clever way of enlarging the revenue base of the state.

His best agenda in making Kaduna Great came in education sector – especially the first tier of education (Primary Education). He introduced a school feeding programme that is gulping 1.8b a month. The food is to boost enrollment and nutritional needs of the pupils.


Since turning around education can’t go without a conducive learning environment – especially infrastructure, the action governor of Kaduna State Mr. El-rufa’i constructed 34 toilets in a school of 3 blocks of classrooms. Wise man, right? This must be Harvard’s style of improving education.

However, there is synergy between the food he offers and the number of toilets per pupils. Mr. El-rufa’i has a world record of having more toilets than classrooms in a school. This has already created a place for itself in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the zenith of wisdom of a first class material and a graduate of Kennedy school of government.

KADUNA IS GETTING GREAT AGAIN INDEED. What a hell is happening with guys promising to make their states or countries great again? Remember somebody in USA trying to make America great again? El-Rufa’i ala Trump!


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