Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

7 Children Killed As Government Troops Storm Civilian Homes In Western Equatoria State

Pagak/Juba – The military command of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO) has accused and condemned government forces for carrying out what it described as senseless killing of children in Bhari area West of Mundiri.

Colonel William Gatjiath Deng, the spokesperson for the SPLA-IO released a statement, saying Juba-backed troops carried out multiple attacks against rebel forces and civilians who live in Kediba and Lui Payams, saying the attacks resulted in the killing of seven innocent children and wounded several others.

“South Sudan army SPLA/Juba faction this morning [Sunday] attacked cantonment site of SPLA-IO, killing 7 children and wounded several others around Katiba village in Bhari land, 20 Miles far West from Mundiri County,” Col. William said.

The senior rebel army officer added that heavily armed government forces are constantly shieling SPLA-IO positions in and around Western Equatoria state, adding that government forces are also carrying out random killings, looting, and burning down civilian homes.

The SPLA-IO’s spokesman states that government troops have for the last four days been intensifying their attacks against the SPLA-IO forces in Western and Eastern Equatoria States.

The military command of the armed opposition further accused South Sudan’s government of sending reinforcements from Yei and Maridi in an attempt to “terrorize” civilians.

Col. William reveals in the statement that a huge number of government forces are marching toward areas largely inhabited by civilians and asserts that the SPLA-IO will not tolerate what he described as “unethical behaviors and aggression against the civil populations.”

William also warned of peace collapse if government keeps attacking rebel-held territories.

South Sudan’s rival forces have been trading accusations over ceasefire violations, despite the IGAD-Plus brokered power-sharing deal.


Source: south sudan news agency

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