Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

By Longtong Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – National Open University of Nigeria Alumni Association, Kaduna state chapter has recently held its maiden congress meeting in Kaduna, North-west Nigeria.

The meeting is the first to be held by the Alumni of the Kaduna state study centre.

According to the State chapter Chairman of the Association, Sani Liman Kila, Kaduna study Centre is the second largest centre in Nigeria with students from diverse background, thereby making it a mini-Nigeria.

He said, forming an association of alumni will further help the university in fostering unity, raising its profile, and promoting the general welfare of the institution through their activities.

He added that, “there are specific efforts we need to make in order to achieve the primary objective of taking this association to the highest possible level. First, we need to consolidate on the existing unity of the association by ensuring synergy or team-work in. It is evident that the strongest and most viable associations in the world have unity of purpose at their base. Unity we stand divided we fall, goes adage.

He also said” NOUNAA is still a baby association, we need to raise it up and this can only be done through adequate funding of its activities, the grant from National headquarters is discouraging, we must therefore do everything possible within us to get things started.

While making a remark, Director of the Centre, Garba Nuhu , who was represented by Mustafa Shuno, commended the Alumni association for coming together as an association, noting that, it will always serve as a place where people will meet together after years of separation.

He further advised them to be very active as members of the association, and carry everyone along.

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