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I’ll Remain In APC As Long As Buhari Remains — Senator Shehu Sani

By Africaprimenews
Senator Shehu Sani
Senator Shehu Sani, Representing Kaduna Central

By Mohammad Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) — Nigerian embattled Senator and human rights activists, Shehu Sani says he will remain in All Progressive Party (APC), as long as President Muhammadu Buhari is still in the party.

According to him, he will remain in the party because President Muhammadu Buhari is APC.

Senator Sani said this to journalists in Kaduna, while distribution free transistor radio to members of his Kaduna central senatorial district.

He said the National body of APC has already invalidated his suspension from the party, as he advised the two parties to avoid any form of attack and counter attack against each other.

“I have instructed all my supporters and followers to abide by this, but unfortunately, some people are capitalizing on the crisis for their own monetary gains.

“I am saying it in clear terms that as far as I am concerned we would abide by what the national body says,” he said.

On the transistor radio distributed Senator Shehu said the gesture was to raise political awareness among the people.

He also said the radio would give the people more access to information on what is happening within and outside their localities.

“We come from the part of the country where the major and most important source of information is the radio. “Radio is an empowerment, a form of education and enlightenment.

”It enables people to have access to information and also have an opportunity to express themselves,” he said.

According to him, radio has for decades been the only medium where people in northern Nigeria get better informed.

“I am sharing it to downtrodden within the cities and the rural areas so that they would be abreast with what is happening within their own locality, national and state,” he said.

He said as Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign and Domestic Debt, and also vice chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, he would continue to call on nations which Nigeria has diplomatic relations with, to assist the fight on corruption by returning money looted from Nigeria.

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