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Nigeria: Kaduna Senator Pays Medical Bill Of Mentally Retarded Mother Of A Newborn

By Ibrahima Yakubu and Iliya Kure

Kaduna (Nigeria) — Shehu Sani, the Senator representing Kaduna Central District in Nigeria’s National Assembly has paid the medical bill of a mentally retarded woman who delivered a baby boy at Kaduna central market.

He has also assisted her with roll of diapers, olive oil, baby cloths, underwear and milk.

Eyewitnesses say, 22 year old Hassana, mentally retarded, delivered in front of one of the banks in Kaduna Central Market on Sunday, and was assisted by four women who circled her, while one of them volunteered to help her in the process.

Malam Yusuf who came to the market for shopping said “when I came to the scene, I saw some people gathered, while some were running, saying a mad woman has delivered, I was moved with compassion. I went closer, and I saw a woman and her newborn in blood, and they said, she had been there for about an hour.

“Some of the traders called the police, but I felt compelled to support the woman because of her condition.

“I immediately called a Keke NAPEP rider and we moved her to Yusuf Dantsoho Specialist Hospital for medical attention.

“While at the hospital, one of the people called Senator Shehu Sani and narrated the situation, the Senator gladly came in to pay her medical bills”.

Commenting on the development, a resident of Kaduna, Malam Hussaini said “I think provision should be made to take this woman to a Psychiatric Hospital, so she could get help to take care of her baby.

“It won’t be wise to let her go back to the street. This should have open the eyes of government to the plight of the mentally-ill living in this situation.

Hassana is known by people in the area for years, as sources say she had been moving from place to place in Kaduna metropolis in search of food and shelter.

AFRICAPRIMENEWS gathered that Hassana and the new born baby are in good condition in the hospital.

She had named her son Abdullahi.

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