Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Jama’atul Nasril Islam Cautions Nigerian Army Over Excessive Use Of Force

By Mohammad Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) — Nigeria’s highest Islamic decision body, Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI), has cautioned Nigerian security agents, particularly the Army, against use of excessive force against citizens during civil unrest.

JNI said it’s important for lives to be preserved and protected at any cause.

The religious body added that it’s also important for security agents to always operate within the international rules of engagement in discharging their duties.

This was disclosed in a statement by JNI Secretary General, Dr Khalid Abubakar Aliyu.

JNI after following the events as they unfolded, reiterates in line with its previous related releases, that life is sacred and must be treated as such. And, restraint should always be exercised in the course of discharging one’s civil, official and or religious duties.

“It is against this background that JNI commiserates with the people of Zazzau over the unfortunate incident and call on all and sundry to take time and ponder over the many overwhelming challenges within the context of fairness and objectivity.

“We believe that it is high time all Nigerians come together, think together and take positive steps towards salvaging the quandary of insecurity in our dear country.

“We must all view the insecurity quagmire as a challenge to all Nigerians, regardless of any parochial consideration. Security agencies must operate within the internationally established convention of rules of engagement in the discharge of their duties. Excessive force should be avoided and lives be preserved and protected.

“Members of the public should always recognize and operate within the ambit of law and order as provided by the laws of the land as well as our religious texts.

“JNI implores the media to be wary of sensational reportage that is capable of plunging the nation into yet another avoidable crisis, (may Allah forbid, Amin).

“JNI commends the Federal Government for instituting a fact finding delegation, under the leadership of the Minister of Interior, for an on the spot assessment.

“It also implores the Government to institute an enquiry into the Zaria upheaval, to unravel its remote and immediate causes, so as to forestall future occurrence.

“We wish to call on all Nigerians to continue praying fervently seeking God’s intervention towards sustainable peace and stability in the country. Specifically, we reiterate our directive on all Imams to intensify prayers and continuously give sermons on the need for peaceful co-existence and harmony.

“And remind people of the dangers associated with reprisal attacks, which benefit only the devil. In the same vein, we commiserate with His Highness, the Emir of Zazzau, the government and good people of Kaduna State over the unfortunate saga. Likewise we condole with the families of all the Muslims affected in the unfortunate turmoil that engulfed Zaria,” he said.

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