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Release Chibok Girls For Amnesty, Buhari Tells Boko Haram Group

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has agreed to grant pardon to the Boko Haram group if they release the over 200 Chibok school girls they abducted on April 14, 2014.

He stated this in France during his three-day visit to the country where he said the Federal Government Nigeria is ready to grant the group amnesty only when the girls are gotten in a reasonable health condition, else none of the Boko Haram prisoners under their custody would be release.

He posited, “If the Boko Haram leadership eventually agrees to turn over the Chibok girls to us, the complete number, then we may decide to give them (the prisoners) amnesty.”

Buhari further pointed out that, he was confident that conventional attacks by the terrorists would be rooted out before the end of the year, promising to stamp out the group’s bloody six-year insurgency in the country,stating, that he was confident of the activities of the military.

“The main conventional attacks, where Boko Haram use armoured cars they took from the Nigerian troops, or mounted machine-guns on pick-up vehicles and so on, we believe by the end of the three months, we will see the end of that.

“What may not absolutely stop is the occasional bombings by the use of improvised explosive devices.

“We do not expect a 100 per cent stoppage of the insurgency,” he said.

Meanwhile in a statement issued by the Executive Secretary, Centre for Crisis communication, (CCC) Yusuf Anas, which is serving as an intermediary between the Federal Government and Boko Haram, said, Boko Haram have said they are tired of fighting.

He said the terrorists sent to CCC a message, saying they are tired of fighting and willing to end the war; adding that none of the suspected Boko Haram elements that spoke with the CCC asked for any form of monetary inducement or compensation as a pre-condition for laying down their arms.

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