Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Officials of the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency have announced that the crashed Trigana Airline plane is totally destroyed with all its occupants burnt beyond recognition.

The Head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, Henry Bambang Soelistyo was quoted by local media saying there was no chance that anyone survived, adding that so far, 38 bodies had been recovered.

“The plane was totally destroyed and all the bodies were burned and difficult to identify”. He said

On Sunday, an Indonesian plane, with 54 people on board went missing in Papua New Guinea.

After a report of some villagers that they saw the plane crashed into a mountain side, efforts by rescuers to reach the crash site was frustrated and suspended on Monday due to a bad weather.

However rescuers have managed to reach the crash site and are reporting that the plane is completely destroyed with all its occupants burnt beyond recognition.

The plane was also reported to be carrying about the equivalent $470,000 in the local currency which was meant to be distributed to poor families in the eastern province of the country.

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