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Kaduna State Closes Account With Commercial Banks, Adopts Treasury Single Account

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  1. Mohammed Inuwa says

    This is commendable, should also be emulate by other States Government.

  2. Muhammad Bello says

    This is a wellcoming idea in handling the public treasures and for easy accountability,moreover the separated former system was only introduced by the looters of public properties to achieve their selfish intrests.May Almighty continue to guide our governor.

  3. Hassan Iliya Ashafa says


  4. Yakubu Ibrahim Sidi Makarfi says

    A right decision at the right time.This is for the benefit of our dear state. Allah yayi maka jagora

  5. Sa'adatu Garba Franklin says

    May God guide u sir.

  6. Engr Yusuf Aliyu says

    Good step Mai rusau

  7. Godwin Gabriel says

    Good policy

  8. Debby Buba says

    May God continue to guide him i am proud of him

  9. Oscar Bwala says

    Jesus is Lord

    1. Muh'd B. Aliyu says

      Jesus is not lord rather slave of God as you are. Hope you understand??

    2. Victoria Izang says

      @Muh’d B. Aliyu I don’t really know wat u mean by saying Lord Jesus is d slave of God. pls mind ur words in order nt 2 offend oda’s religion or believe as u can’t take such. dis is politics we ‘re talking about n pls n pls mind ur words as we all believe dat 1 day we shall give account of all.

  10. Murtala Ahmad says


  11. Ukeme Jackson Ema says


  12. Aderemi Afolabi says

    A pragmatic leader at work!

  13. Aners Ummehr says

    A solid step towards implementation of single account, which would eventually lead to the financial autonomy of all local governments of Kaduna state. Verily, “Ours (APC) is not Like Theirs (DPD)”

  14. John Boyi Ladan says

    Glo and Bala, I dont think you percieve the Governor is out to amend. Iust be patient for a while and it will be very clear to you that the saod Banks were and are being conived with to cheat you and I ignorantly. God be a guide yo this ameable Governor of change

  15. Gloria Joshua says

    That is the change for you.

  16. Bala Suwaid says

    Well I am not sure Suleiman Abdulahi Ppa but since the govt said all govt accounts, then I think it might include local govt accounts too. It will however not affect staff loans at all.
    Allah shi kyauta.

  17. Suleiman Abdullahi Ppa says

    Pls i want expact to clearify this did it include all account incliding local govt? What was the fate of banks the give loans to civil servant?

  18. Bala Suwaid says

    With the improved provisioning of PSG funds , this is a nightmare for bankers.

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