Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Ashlinn Gray Releases Battleships Music Video

Kaduna (Nigeria) – In a little over four months, Ashlinn Gray has gone from “the girl next door” to local superstar. At age 18, the young starlet has blossomed into a dedicated, hard-working and talent singer songwriter, who is not afraid to take the risk if it means reaching her dreams.

Her debut single Battleships charted on various stations across the country, the words “not sending out an SOS” hot on everyone’s lips.

Today she releases the song’s accompanying music video, brought to life by Director Byron Taylor of 4Shores Media.

He says, “I have been producing and directing an international television series for a few years, already filming Season 3 – yet I’ve always wanted to make a music video. I wanted to connect with a talented artist who, firstly, has inspirational lyrics in their songs and secondly looks great on camera. We came across Ashlinn’s Battleships and I was sold!”

Ashlinn, who had an absolute blast shooting the video, is overwhelmed by the support of fans thus far and inspires to continue writing music that people can relate too and enjoy at the same time.

She says, “With my EP being built around light and dark, and Battleships being the biggest symbol of these two opposites, I wanted the music video to emphasis this theme. What really makes this video special is that I was able to incorporate some of my favourite things in life: friends and family, celebration, and last but not least, sparklers.

“Having such a cohesive team behind the makings of the video has made the experience unforgettable and has produced a product I am proud of.”

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