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Nigeria: Kaduna Set To Ban Sell And Consumption Of Intoxicating Substances

By Juliana Katung

Kaduna (Nigeria) – Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria is to prohibit the sale and Consumption of some intoxicating substances in the state.

This followed the passage into law a bill seeking to prohibit both the sellers and the consumers of such intoxicating substances by the Kaduna State House of Assembly.

These prohibited intoxicating Substance include, all prohibited drugs and narcotics
under the laws of the Federation of Nigeria, as well as patching gum solution, others substances known as goskolo and gadagi.

Others include, Cough syrups (by whatever name called) containing codine, and extracts or deposis from gutters, tolletts or garbages as an intoxicant or stimulant capable of inducing a state of intoxication.

According to the law any person who takes, uses, consumes or inhale any intoxicating substance prohibited under the law with the intention of having himself intoxicated or otherwise induced, commit an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding N20.000.00 or

It added that the person who overly sells or displays any intoxicating substance in a place not being a licensed Chemist or other place approved by the law commits an offence, and liable on conviction to imprisonment for one year or fine of N10,000.00 or both.

The law also stipulates that any person who owns, keeps or operates a warehouse for the stocking, marketing or distributing any of the above mentioned intoxicated substances commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisoment for a term of ten years or a fine of N500,000.00 or both.

“Any court in the state shall have summary jurisdiction to try any person accused of
committing an offence under this laws any may make orders for, among
other sections”, the law stated.

In a related development, the House adopted three reports presented by its
Ad hoc Committee on bills for laws to Establish the Kaduna State Power supply Company (KAPSCO), a bill for a law to establish the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA).

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