Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

UK Charity Organisation Awards Scholarship to Nigerian Teachers

By Mohammad Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – A United Kingdom based charity organization, Britain Nigerian Educational Fund (BNET) had provided educational scholarship to Nigerian teachers at National Teachers Institute (NTI).

The organization has so far given-out scholarship to about 236 teachers in 8 years of its partnership with the Teachers’ Institute.

The beneficiaries were selected from all 36 states of the federation including Abuja.

Representative of the Charity organisation, David Brandler disclosed this while presenting an award to one of the best students under the scholarship scheme, Lucy Ohugboche at NTI Headquarters in Kaduna.

“We have been providing scholarship to one student each from the 36 states including Abuja for training at NTI Kaduna. This we have been doing for almost eight years.” He said.

He said though BNET is a small charity organisation, it still remain committed to development of Nigerian teachers.

“Although we are a very small charity organization but we felt sponsoring a student across the 36 states of the federation at NTI will go a long way in developing Nigerian teachers. We also have a programme of awarding best student among those under our scholarship just as we are doing to Lucy,” he said.

In his remark, NTI Director General, Aminu Ladan Sharehu said annually BNET pays 1.7 million naira for all the students under their scholarship at the institute.

He commended BNET for sponsoring Nigerians to complete their studies at the institute, saying that will go a long away in improving quality of the country’s teachers.

“We are all gathered here to celebrate one of our students under BNET scholarship for her hard ward. We have been doing this for almost eight years of our partnership with BNET. What they are doing in Nigeria is commendable,” he said.

Sharehu also made a commitment of providing degree scholarship for same student if she decides to enroll for her bachelor at the institute for making them proud.

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