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Nigerian Cattle Breeders Want Buhari To End Cow Rustling

By Mohammad Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – Cattle breeders in Nigeria have appealed to President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari to bring an end cases of cattle rustling in the country.

The group said cattle rustling is a problem bedevilling nomads in the country, adding that failure to tacklie the problem would lead to shortage of meat in the country.

The group also urged Buhari to provide grazing reserves for cattle breeders as that will help stop their migration to other countries in search of food for their animals.

“We appeal to the new president-elect Mohammadu Buhari to assist the herdsmen by training them on modern ways of breeding animals, rather than moving with hundreds of cattle in jungle and cities which cannot produce large percentge of milk.”

Former President of the group, Alhaji Dodo Oroji made the call in a chat with journalists in Kaduna Northwest Nigeria.

According to him, many cattle breeders in Nigeria have migrated to other African countries due to insecurity challenges.

“Every day Nigeria loss millions of Naira due to migration of herbsman to other african countries for their animal safety.”

Other reasons for their migration according to him include absence of grazing reservoirs in the country, constant conflict between nomads and farmers, ethno-religious crisis and lack of adequate assistance from government on animal drugs to prevent their animals from diseases.

“We believe the only solution to such problems is for the government to provide adequate grazing reserves for the cattle breeders.

“Alongside with water reservoirs for the cattle to halt them from migrating from north to south and from other African countries,” he said.

He described General Buhari’s victory as a blessing to the country and urged all Nigerians to continue with ceaseless prayers for the success of the new government.

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