Nigerian Islamic Group Condemns Killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

By Auwal Mohammed
Gombe (Nigeria) — Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria (DCCN) has condemned the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
This was contain in a press statement signed by Ahmad Yakubu Jumba Secretary General of the organization and made available to AFRICA PRIME NEWS in Gombe northeast Nigeria.
The statement, incident is far more harrowing and scandalizing is the criminal silence of the international community over the genocidal attacks on the helpless Muslims of Myanmar.
” Even the international media is maintaining a felonious muteness while the cleansing goes on under a suffocating ambience of impunity.
“If the Muslims were the supposed culprits here, the same international media would have been a washed with endless streams of condemnation of this mindless killings.
DCCN also observed that the silence of the international community and media is not just betoken of knavery, but indicative of the fact that the blood of Muslims is not worth even the earth upon which it is shed. People are more likely to rise in protest over the killing of mosquitoes, than worry over the criminal decimation of the Muslims in Burma.
“This bloodshed must stop. The international community, particularly the United Nations and the international criminal court must raise to condemn the senseless killings going in Burma. In addition, the leaders and those behind this genocide against an innocent and peace loving Muslims of Burma must be brought to trial for crimes against humanity.
DCCN further calls on the international community to mobilize help and support for the suffering Muslims in Myanmar.
” Let the world show them some love and sense of humanity may the Almighty Creator come to the rescue of the suffering Muslims in Burma and everywhere in the globe.
“The soul of humanity is bleeding with our silence. Let the world act to end this impunity and restore hopes to the already despondent Muslims of Burma.
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