Principal, Students In Northern Nigeria School Celebrate, 34 Years After Graduation

By Amos Tauna

It was celebration in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, when the 1983 set of Government Secondary School Kagoro, now Government College Kagoro, and their then principal, Inuwa Kadima Bahago, rejoiced at a reunion after 30 years.

The reunion party took place in what the then principal,  described as a ‘thank you’ party after the 1983 set hosted him during his 70th birthday, last year, 2016.

Mr. Bahago described the 1983 set as the best he nurtured as a principal, stressing that it was during his tenure as principal that they were admitted as students of the school and graduated while he was still the principal of the same school.

“I remain grateful for these young men who are now successful in their chosen careers. You can see how they are rejoicing with each other after a very long time of missing themselves, after their graduation in 1983. I am happy that l am part of their success story.

“I can still remember in those days that l had to urge them to take their studies serious. I thank God Almighty that they hid to my advice and today, they have success stories to tell of how it was in those days and what it is today.

“I personally see these students of mine as my own children, irrespective of where they come from, their religious or tribal affiliations. The way l was with them and treated them is left for history, but l am convinced that the way they left Kagoro in 1983 was well made and necessitated the reunion you see taking place today,” Bahago recounts those days with his former students.

The Head Boy of the 1983 set, Nuhu Yahaya Dikko, who could not hide his joy still recalls how in a Christian dominated area, Mr. Bahago, a Christian, made him, Dikko a Muslim the head boy of the school, adding, “My colleagues, mostly Christians, rallied round me and gave me all the necessary support needed and l was successful in the task ahead of me.”

He added that it was the same spirit of togetherness that has kept them together for over thirty years. “This is kind relationship we are lacking together in Nigeria, and the kind of vision which made Mr. Bahago appoint me the head boy that is still lacking among us. These are things we are emphasizing for the country to live in peace.

“In all honesty, the likes of Mr. Bahago are very rare to find. What do we see taking place in our midst these days? Tribalism and all such of evils that is drawing us backward instead of facing issues that will unite us as a people for our overall peace, unity and development of our dear country, Nigeria,” he observed.

Other former students also praised Mr. Bahago for his foresight, wisdom and sterling leadership qualities in leading the affairs of institutions, organizations and agencies during his working career as a civil servant.

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